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Amber & Josh – Engaged

I can’t say enough about photographing dear friends. I got to know Amber back in college. We were in a speech class together and through that class she directly influenced my decision to become an organ donor. I’ll just let you guess what her speeches were about… After that class we became more cyber friends than anything. On Facebook, we would chat at all hours of the night about our life happenings, something we called Night Owls’ Anonymous. She has also been an encouragement to me in my spiritual life. She never fails to keep God in center of all our conversations and is constantly seeking to live for Him and the advancement of His Kingdom.

Amber has always been a huge supporter of my work, which makes the opportunity to photograph her wedding all the more special to me. Late one evening, years ago, she made a comment that I’ll never forget.  I must mention this because it was the first time I had really heard anything like this about my work.

I figured out what I love so much about your wedding pictures…ready?

I love how they are always exactly what a wedding picture should be- full of love, sweet, sentimental, happy, precious, full of hope and promise, symbols of commitment, etc… however, yours are all these things but NEVER cliche’ 🙂 but the main reason I love your work so much is because every single time it is specifically unique to the couple you are, you capture each couple individually…I dont know how..but the pictures are always perfectly representative of the people in them. it rocks

I really can’t wait for this wedding and I hope that I can capture it just as she  put it in her kind remark. Here are a few from their engagement session. Enjoy.


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