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My Friend, Kate Royals

         I love when I get the chance to photograph one of my friends. It’s even better when you haven’t really hung out in a while and after the photo shoot you get to catch up with them at the local coffee shop. Thats what Kate and I did.  She called me up a few weeks prior to the shoot saying her mom had been wanting her to get professional photographs taken of her and that she wanted to surprise her with it for Christmas. I was really excited for two reasons.  The first being that I was going to get to hangout with and photograph my beautiful friend. And secondly.. I had the perfect place for the shoot. I had never photographed anyone there but had always wanted to. That place being downtown Jackson.. You might be thinking to yourself.. “What’s so special about that?” Well for me it was completely new. If you have seen any of my work in past blog posts you will notice something, that most of the sessions are photographed in a much more rural setting, Rolling hills; barns; horses; delta farm land and so on, so it was really good to get out of what I am mostly used to… change it up a bit.. After I was done editing them I was thinking to myself,  “these could either be used for an album cover, (if she was a musician) or in a magazine.. That’s where you put pictures of beautiful people isn’t it?”  No, she isn’t a model, I would have thought the same thing too, but anyways, it was very fun getting to see and photograph my beautiful friend, Kate Royals.

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